Ring Ghoul Pleurant Sculpture
Ring Ghoul Pleurant Sculpture
Ring Ghoul Pleurant Sculpture
Ring Ghoul Pleurant Sculpture

Ring Ghoul Pleurant Sculpture

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of the Nine Ghouls? I thought not. Well adventurer, the Nine Ghouls were once perfectly ordinary men. They had wives and children and occasionally enjoyed a pint of ale. Except that unlike ordinary men, their lust for power knew no bounds. And they were kings. And, they were obsessed with jewelry.

Each made a pact with the devil, who spoke to them in the form of a red-eyed serpent:

"Thou dazzling prince! At dawn of the month I shall deliver mankind's most precious jewelry unto thee, numbering what the baker hath called a dozen, and thou shalt revel in it. I shall do this always and forever, for every month until thy death, when thou shalt be reborn my eternal slave."

"Yes," they said. Each was already an Ale-of-the-Month Club member, and thus fully accustomed to such heinous pacts.

They accumulated great wealth over the years---hording wondrous rings, succulent brooches, luscious bracelets... They shimmered as they grew old and infirm. And when they died the devil demanded that they rob their own graves, bidding them henceforth to scour the earth for the finest jewelry and gemstones to line his infernal coffers.

Thus, adventurer, my museum-quality resin sculpture will sit ominously on a ledge of choice, desperately searching for jewelry. It was delicately sculpted by British artist Liam Manchester for your satisfaction.

5½" W x 5½" D x 8" H. 1 lb. Available only in the continental US.

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