Hercules Wall Sculpture
Hercules Wall Sculpture

Hercules Wall Sculpture

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Well if it isn’t the most famous battlemage in all the realm! Your years of questing and monster-slaying have made you mighty indeed. You’ve become a hero not unlike the ancient Hercules, depicted in this replica of an ancient Roman wall sculpture.

Here he wears the skin of the Nemean lion, a murderous creature whose claws could shred the armor of any mortal man. His cousin King Eurystheus sent him to slay it, certain that the beast would prevail. But it was Hercules who prevailed, strangling the creature with his bare hands until the body fell slack. When he returned victorious, Eurystheus hid like a pathetic child.

I assure you, adventurer, you deserve nothing less than to mount this foot-and-a-half tall sculpture on your wall as a reflection of your own glory. It was cast in museum quality resin by my expert artisans, who sought to capture the grandeur of an original antiquity.

11½ " W x 3" D x 18" H. 6 lbs. Available only in the continental US.

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