Heraldic Lion Wall Sculpture
Heraldic Lion Wall Sculpture

Heraldic Lion Wall Sculpture

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Good to see you again, adventurer. I heard about how you single-handedly drove the Crimson Serpents from our city. Quite a feat, I must say. And what you did to their leader Redbraid in the Square... Remarkable. Ten years from now they'll still be finding bits of skull in the cobbles.

Anyway, I have just the thing to commemorate your victory. It's an ornate wall sculpture of a heraldic lion, an age-old symbol of power that few truly earn the right to display. This lion was cast from a meticulously carved oak corbel and reproduced in designer resin with a faux stone finish. Perhaps you could place two at the flanks of an entryway or hearth.

  • Top Shelf: 4½" D x 4" W.
  • 1 Keyhole for hanging. 4 Pads.

Each: 4" W x 5" D x 26" H. 6 lbs. Available only in the continental US.

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