Green Man Footstool
Green Man Footstool

Green Man Footstool

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Replicated from a 19th-century British antique

Greetings, um... adventurer. No shoes? Shall I fetch my staff and beat some civilization into you? Vagrant comes plodding in shoeless...

Huh? You're here for the footstool? Well it's an elegant replica of a 19th century British antique and I should think it far above the pay grade of some filthy herbalist. What with its Jacobean-style carving, exquisitely sculpted Green Men and claw feet, it seems almost... immoral... to sell it to the likes of you. No, you shall never feel the soft embrace of its rich jacquard upholstery or run your fingers along its mahogany-stained, museum quality resin body.

Hmm... well that is a fat sack of coin you've got there. I know not how you got it, and perhaps I do not want to know. Fine, the footstool's yours. Now be gone!

  • 11" W x 11" D x 12" H. 9 lbs.
  • Weight limit 60 lbs.
  • Available only in the continental US.

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