English War Hammer
English War Hammer
English War Hammer
English War Hammer

English War Hammer

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The Weapon, ca. 1430

Do come in, my heavily armored friend. Disgraced paladins are always welcome here. If any of your former brethren saw you, you'd best be ready for a fight.

You'll want a war hammer if you're up against plate armor. Surely you know the limitations of swords and axes, and while maces are suitable for armor penetration, hammers have the advantage of speed and maneuverability. Strike true with your hammer and send the full force of your blow through even the thickest steel. Use the spike to grapple your opponent or puncture their armor. If you seek to guide them to the afterlife, a gentle tap on the helm is sure to calm them down.

This particular war hammer is a fully-functional replica of an English design circa 1430. It was expertly hand-forged by the human smiths at Windlass Steelcrafts.


Overall Length 25 ¼"
Head to Spike
6 ½"
Weight 1 ¾ lbs

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