Crestfallen, Angel Sculpture by Hartley

Crestfallen, Angel Sculpture by Hartley

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There is a great sorrow in your eyes, adventurer. You've grown powerful, but at what cost? You've endured countless betrayals... taken thousands of lives... Your once innocent soul is now black with hate.

Forgive me. I speak not in judgement but from a place of understanding. And I have a new statue which may give you solace. Allow me to present to you this crestfallen angel, who in her supreme innocence weeps for your tortured soul. She's cast of designer resin, and is thus rather light despite being a foot tall. Her details are rendered marvelously in her wings. Display her indoors or outdoors, as you prefer.
14"W x 11"D x 12½"H. 7 lbs. Only available in the continental US.

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