Serpent and Lion Door Knocker
Serpent and Lion Door Knocker

Serpent and Lion Door Knocker

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Good to see you again, adventurer. In search of a new door knocker for your castle, are you? You've come to the right place. I present to you my illustrious Serpent and Lion door knocker, a cast iron piece inspired by the ascension of Louis Philippe I, last King of the French.

Louis Philippe took the throne on August 9, 1830 under the signs of Leo and Hydra. The new king took great pride in this symbolism. The lion's domination of the serpent is a symbol of strength---it recalls Heracles' beheading of the Hydra in antique myth. French artists produced a great deal of work in this vein to glorify their new king. Nevertheless, the king proved unworthy when his own subjects forced him to abdicate in 1848.

  • Lion has 2 screw holes for mounting
  • Strike plate has 1 hole for mounting
  • Screw hole diameter: ¼"
  • Distance between the two screw holes: 3½"
  • Distance from top two screw holes to striking plate: 4½"

9" W x 1½" D x 6½" H. 2 lbs. Available only in the continental US. Hardware not included.

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